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To those confused coffee aficionados who stumbled on this page by mistake I say sorry, no dice. To those who are at some far point in the future are going though my myriad posts (read: probably a dozen or so by then) from the beginning,  I say welcome.

One of the reasons that made me get off my arse and set this up was that for the longest time I’ve been reading and commenting on other people’s sites, blogs, youtube videos, and have my few pearls (?) of wisdom scattered among the four winds of cyberspace, subject to the whims of others, and I’ve been dismayed at not being able to find some of my old scribblings. I’m a man of few words generally, so it seems like a good idea to just write them down in one place, as it will save me time by not repeating them.

I am a single Greek guy, recently moved to Montreal from Athens, and an atheist. The information in the previous sentence will likely be the impetus for most of the content of this blog. Only time will tell if this is interesting to anyone but me.


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